Duck Liver Pate                                                                                    $15

a selection of breads with chef-made

Duck Liver Pate, accompanied by a special Onion Jam


Baked Cob Loaf                                                                                    $14

Cob Loaf filled with Camembert & Walnuts

served with Extra Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar




Quinoa and Goats Cheese                                                                   $18

with Roasted Beetroot, Pumpkin, Confit Garlic,

Rocket Leaves & Basil, finished with a Romesco Sauce


Classic Caesar Salad                                                                            $17

made the perfect Turtle Cove way!

Add your choice of Chicken, Prawns or Smoked Salmon                  $20


Vietnamese Glass Noodle Salad                                                        $17

served with Beef and a Hot & Sour Dressing


Rocket Salad                                                                                        $14

sprinkled with Toasted Pine Nuts and Shaved Parmesan

topped with Extra Olive Oil and Balsamic Glaze



chips & wedges

Seasoned Potato Wedges                                                                  $10

served with Chilli Sauce & Sour Cream


Fries & Chips

Shoestring Potato Fries, served with Tomato Sauce                        $7

Sweet Potato Fries, served with Sweet Chilli & Aioli                        $8



Turtle Cove's Famous Beef Burger                                                  $18

served with Bacon, Beetroot, Tomato, Cheese, Lettuce

topped with Caramelized Onion and a Chef's Tomato Relish


Light Chilli Chicken Burger                                                              $17

Marinated Chicken served on a Charcoal Brioche Bun

topped with Kim Chi and Japanese Kewpie Mayonnaise


Pulled Pork Roll                                                                                $16

served in a long roll with Pickled Ginger and a Hot Sriracha Sauce


Tandoori Chicken Wrap                                                                   $16

Tandoori Chicken wrapped with Cucumber, Red Onion

& a Garlic Yogurt Sauce


Croque-Monsieur                                                                             $17

Toasted Panini with Smoked Ham & Melted Jarlsberg Cheese

served with Pickles & Shoe String Chips



from the 'C'

South Australian Black Mussels                                                     $22

served in a light Chilli, Garlic & White Wine Broth, accompanied by Crusty Bread


Indonesian Laksa

served with Chicken                                                                        $21

served with Fresh Seafood                                                             $24


Panko Fried Barramundi                                                                 $19

Panko Crumbed & Fried Barramundi Fillet

served with a House Salad of Pine Nuts, Coriander & Parmesan

accompanied with Shoe String Fries & Lemon Aioli


Deep Fried 5 Spiced Squid                                                             $17

served on a Kim Chi Salad


Arafura Prawns on Ice                                                  (1 Dozen)   $18

served with a Rich Seafood Cognac Sauce


New Zealand Oysters in the Shell                            (1/2 Dozen)   $16

served with Pickled Ginger Mirin Sauce                      (1 Dozen)    $24